Value Quest Bourse Logo An electronic allegory of Casino Capitalism
No one is free. The winners must compete, the losers must be exploited

Powered by an input of online community, the Value Quest Bourse brings an issue of value, labour and accumulation of capital in a digital era. A gameplay depicts the perpetual movement of the social-economic-aesthetical metamorphoses of value, a never ceasing conversion of value into some sort of capital: social, economic, or knowledge capital. Transfer your click-labour into social critique...


The Wheel of Fortune

Period: 1D 7D 1M 3M 1Y MAX

Position = Value
Height = Volume
VQX 10 Period: 7D
VQB Most Active Bonds by Volume

The Indices of Fortune (Poem)

  • I shall reign,01/04
    I'll spark off my Prospects,
    I shall thrive in the light,
    Depts will be dealt to the needy,
    The Greed is my Chance.

    The wheel of Fortune spins around,
    Here comes Success, leave behind Morals.
  • I reign,02/04
    I'm avatar of Fortune,
    I'm blind to Justice, I'm bigger then Life,
    I'm riding on a speculative bubble,
    I'm Capital.

    The wheel of Fortune spins around
    to maximize profits of perpetual Divine.
  • I have reigned,03/04
    I've put Value at Risk,
    I've witnessed the Crash,
    I've counted Indices of Fortune,
    My doom is Randomness.

    The wheel of Fortune spins around,
    Winners go up while losers go down.
  • I have no kingdom,04/04
    I swapped my Interests,
    I foresaw my Withdrawal,
    Now I'm ready for Struggle
    The crux is how you rise after the fall.

    The wheel of Fortune spins around,
    one must compete or drown.


The Value Quest Bourse is an allegory of socioeconomic system driven by mechanisms of the Greed Economy. The bourse depicts casino capitalism as a roulette whose ultimate goal is high Index of Fortune. The VQ roulette, a metaphor for popular medieval concept the Wheel of Fortune, reflects stages of contemporary socioeconomic cycle: Expectation, Success, Bankruptcy, Reform.

In VQ roulette you do not play for your own profits but for the sake of VQ industrial sectors. To waged bet at VQ Bourse you have to select an industrial sector for which you play. The bet options at the roulette table represent three necessary elements for achieving a goal in games, economics or life; those are strategies, resources, disposition of the environment. The score of the game determines the bourse indices.

To facilitate quest for value we created the Perpetual Bond which serves as a security of values distinguished by a public. The bond is based on agreement or promise made by the bond-holder that he/she takes responsibility for the survival of identified value. This play becomes actuality in consumption.

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