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What is value?

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To facilitate this search the Value Quest Bourse issued the Perpetual Bond (Perp) which serves as a security of values distinguished by a public. Perpetual Bond has no maturity date, thus brings an interest forever. Its value flows and re-emerges in time as an ongoing social concern. The bond is based on a promise made by value-holder that he/she takes responsibility for the survival of the identified value. Participants add their values on the Value Quest Perpetual Bond gauging platform, or empower the existing ones. This play becomes actuality in the consumption, you are ask to look inside and search for values in yourself.

The Value is Here.

Is value something intrinsic and purely relative, or it is “The value of a thing is just as much as it will bring”. The question which we pose is What are your values, what social, ethical, ideological, or aesthetic values you are striving for?

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